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Oscar Kilo is a project aimed at improving the wellbeing of employees within the public services. Oscar Kilo has been initially funded by Public Health England and was created and designed to host the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework and bring together those who are responsible for wellbeing. It is a place to share learning and best practice from across emergency and blue light services so organisations can invest the very best into the wellbeing of their staff.

The people that work in the public services are very proud, passionate, hard working people. They wear their ranks and insignia with pride and take great pleasure in their career achievements. This had to be something that we needed to reflect in our final outcome. A key part of Oscar Kilo's mission statement is to help to improve the wellbeing of public sector employees, the name Oscar Kilo is derived from the phonetic alphabet utilised by the public services, we wanted to show that it's 'OK to not be OK'.

The site utilises a sidebar to contain it's navigation, this is due to the public sector not being on the most up to date equipment/technology, we didn't want to encroach on what little screen space they did have with navigation at the top. Another reason is to try and make the framework feel more like a tool by making the website appear more like a dashboard.

The first phase of Oscar Kilo is primarily aimed at the Police Force with future rollouts focusing on the Fire and Ambulance service, the site needed to be dynamic enough that it's aesthetic can be switched out to better represent the service it is tied too.

Aside from the framework the site is also a great resource for all things wellbeing, from videos and news stories to important policies and reports. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject great care was taken to ensure the experience is as simple as possible to navigate.

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